About Us

3754 NW 81st Street
Miami, Florida, 33147

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Company Mission Statement
To provide dependable full color printing and graphic design services, with exceptional quality, at affordable prices, and quick production.

Mixtape Printing is a commercial printing company which specializes in express printing and custom design orders. We are a division of Business Print and Marketing Corporation and based in Miami, Florida. Our customers range from the smallest company to the largest firm. Founded in 1999, Mixtape was one of the first printing companies to offer printing services nationwide via the internet. As a consequence, we practically invented and perfected the standards in online commercial printing.

Mixtape offers the best printing technology available in the industry. We are equipped to handle projects of any size, whether quality conscious or express minded. Our production facility includes a workhorse six color Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 with in-line AQ Coater and UV Coater which can handle any type of printing project. In addition, our modern direct-to-plate system prints at a high quality 200-500 line screens, unlike other express printers who print at a sub-standard 150 line screens. So a high resolution (300dpi) artwork is produced at a quality level that matches the customer’s expectation.

Our creative services department offers cutting edge graphic design services at the most affordable prices. We house a full staff of artists and technicians that are ready to help you achieve all your creative goals. Our reputation of quality, dependability and stability is second to none in this highly competitive industry. Give us a call today or simply place your order on our convenient website shopping cart. We are here to service your every printing and design needs.